High Performance, High Value

Glycome BioPharma is developing surface modification technologies that minimises the undesirable outcomes of unspecific protein-adsorption. Our technology has proven commercial potential and is the result of years of research and development into glycoscience, and material surface modification.

By using our molecular surface engineering platform, conventional polymers improve their biocompatibility.

Protein – Surface Interactions

Uncontrolled adhesion of proteins on the surface of materials is a common phenomenon that causes deterioration of medical device function or loss of functional protein.

Due to the dynamic nature of their structure, proteins aggregate both reversible or irreversible and can continue to grow up to and beyond the visible range leading to precipitation. This natural propensity of proteins is heightened at the material surface interface.

Protein adsorption and aggregation has the potential to occur at almost every stage of handling such as development, formulation, manufacturing, storage and at the point of use. The consequences can range from loss of valuable product to analytical inaccuracies.


Glycome BioPharma has demonstrated that applying its proprietary technology at interfaces can result in a significant reduction in protein adsorption and that its application can have a remarkable impact across the medical sector.